Robots to parade down Leeds city center

Thousands of robots are ready to march in Leeds as part of a project which will see people coming together.

The festival is hoping to give opportunities for young people in Leeds to show of their engineering and creative skills to the public.

Brought together by the Leeds city council, it is eager to aspire children and their families to be a part of something big yet meaningful.

Hoping to bring the community together, the march of the robots will be packed with fun filled activities for everyone to do, including how to dance like a robot.

This project will involve many families, schools and organisations to get experience in workshop tasks and to build their very own robots. which can be made from anything!

The aim behind the movement of the robots is to see how the city can progress for the future,  this is the help with new mechanical advances.

A big help comes from the University of Leeds whose new different technological facilities including their new robotic facility will play a part in the development of robots over the years to come.

Dr Richardson, head of the University’s robotics facility, said: “Robotics is just coming into its own, and I think it’s going to impact on all our lives.” Highlighting the importance of robotic technology.

The celebration will be held this weekend on the 25th and 26th of October, the spectacle takes place at 12pm on the Sunday.

An estimated of one thousand robots of all sizes will parade up and down Leeds city center.


Photo of a big card board robot at the Leeds robot march
Picture taken from my phone




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