First ever digital fair in Leeds

The Leeds Digital Job fair that was held on Wednesday the 10th of February at the Leeds First Direct arena saw tons of people coming through its doors in hopes of finding employment. The Digital Job fair was put on in hopes to find fresh new talent for establish businesses to grow as well as giving opportunities for new businesses to start.

The event was sponsored by Leeds Beckett University, Leeds City Council, TechNorth and Leeds BID. Openings from Sky, Google, Leeds Building Society, aql careers, twentysix life online and FDM group were just a few names present at the job fair to promote their companies.

Amy Debalsi, the organiser of the Job fair said “we have got an awful lot of big companies here but unfortunately it’s been mainly their back officers to date, so their brand hasn’t been as prevalent. Because I have a background with a mixture of digital, tech and economics, it is why I talked to the City Council about the opportunity to promote the digital sector and put Leeds on the map around digital and tech, so we thought the best way to do it is put a job fair on.”

Because of this fair, it gave many graduates and young people future prospects for employment as in Leeds there are more than 600 vacancies in the digital sector alone. These are lacking developers, product managers, designers, analysts, engineers, IT specialists and content writers. So there were many openings for all kinds of people.

Aimee Kowzan, who was from the FDM group said, “we have a target about 1200 graduates this year so we are hoping to get the numbers up and trying to get that through recruiting ICT consultants, business analysists and technical software developers. So we are hoping to get more technical students that have done a degree. We also want to put women in IT campaigns as well, the tables are dying, we have a lot of interest today and students are very interested.”

Also present were the Leeds building society who also acknowledged young talent and to promote themselves in a way which would appeal to them. Stefen Roche said “this is a really good opportunity for us to actually present ourselves as the human side of the business as sometimes it can come across as dry, it is an opportunity to engage in employees and to tap into some of Yorkshires talent.”

Being digital is extremely important in today’s job sectors, every business must be online to promote their work and in order to network with other businesses, connection is key and this is what many businesses came to promote and achieve with future employees. A spokesperson from twentysix life online said “we are building websites as well as doing social media, advertising, search engines, doing mobile applications and content writers.” Highlighting the fact that being online is the way to go and the way it will stay.

Overall the day went really well with many companies making connections to hopeful future employees. Amy Debalsi said, “The day went really well, the attendance has been a lot higher and a lot quicker than I thought it would be, the exhibiters are happy and they have made lots of good connections with people they want to hire and that’s the most important thing.”







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