Get ahead in the job market with technology

Leeds first’s ever digital job fair has come and gone, with it being a huge success its main purpose was for graduates to find a job in the digital field with advice from professionals  to succeed in this market. Around 76% of business managers think that graduates are not ready for the job market and 90% believe that having stronger soft skills in the market has a better commercial impact. This means that most students and graduates are not getting as much work experience which is required.

Leeds Beckett’s very own Neil Kelly who is a senior lecturer of marketing and Anderson Lima who teaches postgraduates students talked about how to market yourself after graduating using the power of technology. “Internet has changed everything in the world” and adopting a new way of thinking on how to market yourself is very important. This is because 77% of recruiters will search for you online so it is very important for graduates and undergraduates to do more things online like social media, having a blog and most importantly having a LinkedIn account. Using these as a platform will make your chances of getting a job more easily. It is not just about showcasing your grades off any more.

Some other things to consider are:

  • Define why you are doing this – if you don’t have a clear motive for what you want to achieve in a job then there is no point.
  • Where the job industry is going – knowing where the field you are going to work is very important. If it is moving in a certain direction, just like most news organisations are shifting online.
  • What do I have to do to become more competitive – this can be getting as much experience as possible, do some volunteering, or even going out of your way and do something to show employers you are dedicated to a job role.
  • Stand out and create an identity – what marks you differently from the rest and how can you portray that in a way that will make you stand out. It’s all about getting recognition for what you are doing.
  • Do networking – This is very important and again links in with social media, make sure you follow people or organisations who you would like to work for, and even write a response to a tweet they have written. This will make you more recognisable and be on their radar before you even go for a job interview.
  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone – it is all about putting yourself out there and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do, this will show how willing you are to work for a company and put your chances higher than everybody else.
  • Read a lot and do your own research – Make sure you find out every aspect of the company you want to work for e.g. key figures, the turn outs, if they had made a loss in a way. They will always ask you background questions about the company.

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