Why we should help out with the refugee crisis

Noushin Aslam who is the founder of the Moonlight trust charity recently made the trip to Lesbos, Greece to help out the refugee crisis. She and a group of volunteers went through her charity for a week and helped out by distributing clothes, shoes, food as well as supporting the volunteers as it seemed like it was mainly them running the camps.

We all have some understanding that refugee camps are not going to be a glamorous or safe place to live, especially for young children, but the conditions there were not expectable to live in, no matter who you are.

Noushin stated “I didn’t expect to see the standards, I thought I researched enough and emotionally prepared myself, but when you see it face to face it is traumatic. This crises is a lot worse and the biggest crises after world war two.”

She continued by saying that children were impacted the most, “there were mostly children present in the camps and it looked like they were freezing and ill. We as humans have an ethical and moral obligation on our fellow humans, so why not help them out?”

There is an issue that not more of the EU countries are helping out in the refugees camps, Lesbos has one of the biggest camps and yet the authorities don’t seem to care about other humans in need at all.

After witnessing the conditions Noushin outlined that the EU and the UK should provide better help, not just one country, the UK should take more as “one of the pride we take about this country is it is multicultural and we support each other, it defeats the whole objective if we respond in a different way.”

Most of the refugees come from Syria which is destroyed and some blame the EU for that, so why cant we help them? We all know that the west will look at them in an economical burden way as well as having a mentality of ‘they don’t belong here’, but as Noushin said “go sit down with them and look them in the eye, they are some of the most nicest and positive people I have met.”


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