Legal highs issue soon to be shut down

New legislation under the Psychoactive Substance Act 2016 was due to arrive on April 6th in Leeds.

Shops and website currently carrying these drugs will be shut down in hopes to crack down on the ‘illegal highs’ issue in Leeds.

Suppling, production, exportation or the possession with the attempt to supply can each get you up to seven years of prison and/or a fine.

Inspector Barry from safer Leeds said “It is aimed at shops and individuals that are possessing with the intention to distribute psychoactive drugs. In December 2015 we had our first successful court case where two shops had £24,000 worth of value destroyed.”

People caught with buying a psychoactive substance from a non-UK based website would lead to prosecution.

But the online trade of purchasing Psychoactive drugs will be more difficult to crack down upon as they operate from different countries.

Councillor Gerald Wilkinson said “It is going to be good to see the closure of these shops which will reduce the opportunity to buy these.”

The main group of people that will be the most affected are young people and students. Barry coaches the legal highs strategic group in Leeds for public health, they have had several focus groups surrounding the matter.

They are working together with students in particular to help them overcome and deal with not using psychoactive substances to get high.

Currently the deadline for the legislation has been pushed back.



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