Angling fishing academy is in economic fall

Financial instability for the proposal of a new angling fishing academy as well as a separate dwelling house could not go ahead.

The council was not set to be convinced that in terms of finance, this is a feasible business as it has a very substantial start-up cost. There is a very large sum of money needed and there will also be running costs needed if it was to go ahead.

The surveyor for the council said this is not a viable business and not only that, he didn’t feel that the projected income could be justified.

Many councillors were not convinced by the financing of this business with Councillor Jonathan Bentley saying “I don’t feel this is a viable business, what we suggest to the applicant is we may propose a new agricultural work, for a farm business as it is better financially.”

In response to this the agent of the client said “the report itself is slightly miss leading as far as it saying we got agreed on what the figures are and how they should be brought forward, that is not the case.” The figures that were put forward were based on the fact there was a mortgage required and in fact there is not mortgage required. There was a financial abrasion based on the profit coming out, not through the mortgage.

In spite of this, Councillor Christine Towler added “In terms of mortgage it doesn’t really matter about a mortgage or not, it depends if this business provides a return on capital, so you might want to invest in a business but it won’t be a profit.”

Even though the applicants are convinced that this business will be able to make a profit as well as being a great success for local communities and schools to get people into fishing. They have had such positive support and want an opportunity to show this will be a popular business scheme.

The councillors were ultimately not persuaded by the suggestions put forwards and the case has been deferred to a later council meeting.


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