Leeds night time economy

A new business plan is set out to improve the night time economy in Leeds.

The Business Improvement District (BID) has set out a five years plan with the commercial aim of promoting the profile and value of Leeds city centre on a global platform.

Andrew Cooper, the chief executive of Leeds BID, said: “we are already working with Bacil (business against crime in Leeds) and are already coming up with some funding ideas to help the night time economy, it is a five year project so we need to invest wisely into where the problems are in the evening economy.”

The total spending budget is £10 million with £2 million being roughly distributed every year.

Each will be split up into five expenditure areas which includes the Leeds welcome, the Leeds experience, the Leeds business voice, management and loan repayment.

With the BID supported by the council, stakeholders and businesses, the desire would be to bring the purple flag status to the city.

“The main game changer will be in the autumn when John Lewis is going to come and they are going to stay open till eight in the evening, they will be wanting to know the retail trade.” Mr Cooper said.

This will potentially lead to the evening economy changing when it comes to retail dynamics as more restaurants and shops will start to open up.

But there were some flaws with the plane, councillor Brian Selby highlighted:  “you might have to think, through your company, to talk and work with the bus services to extend running time,”

As activity therefor will increase in the evening and many bus services stop running by six o’clock.

Victoria court, Leeds

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