Row over premier inn development

A new premier inn development could increase noise towards residence in Headingly due to the serving of alcohol.

There was a concern raised that members of the public who will not be staying at the Premier inn would come in and abuse the serving of alcohol.

Martin Cook who is a local resident and the membership secretary of Headingly network said: “it will add to the cumulative impact of the number of alcohol effected people spilling onto the streets afternoon and night, being rowdy, dropping takeaway food containers and vomiting. It will add to the preparation by young people that the best and only leisure time activity when they grow up is to go out drinking and see how drunk they can get. It will increase the number of groups who will move loudly from pub to pub.”

John Gaunt, who represented premier inn responded by saying: “the one thing this is not is a pub. Premier inn is not attractive to young people. The movement gets less and less during the end of the evening so it is not important in relation to amenity. No body from Otley road will come, have a drink or go upstairs. It just won’t happen.”

Premier Inn logo

Over the past few years Headingly has seen the increase of premises licensing alcohol and this has led to the increase in crimes like robbery and assault.

Although it was endorsed that the police would be recommended on site if they need to be, it was significant to see they were not present at the meeting as the reports suggest how important the position of the police is. They would be the main source of information about noise nuisance.

Because of the increase of premises serving alcohol, Cook acknowledged the councils disinterest in the communities views by saying “the small number of representations doesn’t mean there isn’t much objections. Every attempt by the community to stop this relentless slide into a pub mono culture was defeated and the community’s objections were mere speculations.”

This defeat was continued as the council authorised the development of a new premier inn.


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