Money worries hault work on stadium

Funding concerns are raised on whether a proposed development will be able to support an improvement on Headingly stadium.

Two residential developments, one at Weetwood, and the other at Tingley are aimed in accounting for a new south and main stand as well as a cricket ground at Headingly Carnegie stadium.

The rugby club is set to attract around 16 to 20 million pounds from both residential sites and is aiming to have a robust cost plan put in place with value engineering being at their forefront.

Councillor Colin Campbell raised a concern about funding of the stadium by stating: “if you got permission, have you got enough money to do all the work,”

While councillor Sharon Hamilton said: “regarding the stand, if you don’t get the go ahead on the housing, will you stop development of the stand.”

Jim Dyson, the visiting speaker on behalf of the property advisor to Leeds rugby club, responded by saying: “yes, the funding of both them sites are needed, we have got very high hopes for housing.”

The sites will include 40 dwellings at Weetwood and 170 at Tingley with the houses being three bed semi-detached properties.

Dyson continued by stating: “I think the report to members identifies a certain gap, there are two ways of closing the gap, one is to increase revenue and the other is to reduce cost both of those topics are under intense scrutiny, we believe the gap will be closed.”

Picture of stadium stands

The estimated cost for the redevelopment of the north-south facing stand is at £28.5 million and the south facing stand at £12 million, the complete development of the plan is estimated at £43 million.

The cost plan has been interrogated by a further cost consultant and is currently being significantly interrogated, they believe there are some valid value engineering in the cost plan that is set out.


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