About me

I am currently a 22 year old who has recently completed a degree in Journalism. This blog is a place where I publish articles I have written on topics which are relevent to me. These consist of issues surrounding: current affairs, society, technology or science.

I have a keen interest in human interest and community building stories, reporting on how they are enhancing their own society and people around them. These types of stories will appear most often on this blog.

I first got into Journalism around four years ago, It was never one of those career paths I had chosen for myself from a very young age. In fact, I wanted to be may things as a kid, like a doctor, solicitor and also an astrophysicist. But from a young age I always knew I wanted to help people, or the community around me in some way or the other.

It wasn’t untill my final year at sixth form, when I watched a female reporter in a film and realised, I could be like her one day. Although I know she was playing a role in a film, It was the idea of her reporting on stories that actually mattered to the community, going out and uncovering new things, talking to people and constantly learning on the job. This type of career appealed to me so much, that it was in that moment, I realised Journalism was the right path for me. So from there on, I applied to get a degree in Jounalism and I have currently finished studying Journalism.

I have learnt every aspect Journalism has to offer, from doing work experiences at local newspapers, to TV studios. I have grasped the different types of platforms available, as well as the different styles of reporting on a story. From hard news, to radio work, political writing, presenting for TV, to digital publishing, shorthand and even researching. I have accumulated skills throughout my degree and relevent work experiences to approach every journalistic task with hard work and understanding of the given topic.

Apart from Journalism, I also have a great inerest in astrophsysics and the universe as a whole. I guess I still secrelty still want to be an astrophysicists at heart.

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